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In today's new home construction market, homebuyers' expectations of the comfort, quality, energy efficiency, and value from their new homes are ever increasing. In order to meet homebuyers' expectations, a builder's product must be designed, built, and delivered with excellence at all levels. Building high-performance, comfortable, low maintenance homes is not about purchasing expensive products; it's about the process.

Intelligent Energy Solutions Green (IES Green) services cover each step of the building process to ensure all of the critical components are reviewed and inspected for quality. From the development of the plans to the delivery of the final product, every step is equally important.

  • Plan Review - We will model the house with sophisticated software before it is ever built and determine which high-performance items will have the greatest impact.
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections - Find potential problems and fix them before they ever become problems. Our 200-point checklist focuses on structure, proactive warranty concerns, air sealing, comfort concerns, and component functionality.
  • Infrared Inspections - An infrared camera inspection and report on the house will spot potential problems before they ever occur, including missing insulation, concealed electrical outlets, concealed HVAC supplies, trapped moisture, and unwanted air infiltration.
  • Blower Door Testing - Put your house to the test and find out just how energy-efficient it really is.
  • Heat Guarantees - Let your buyers know up front how much they will save on heating bills when they purchase one of your energy-efficient homes.