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Commercial Building Energy Simulation

Commercial Audit Energy SimulationAn energy simulation utilizes a computer program to analyze energy use for an entire building, relative to its specific envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, lighting and equipment. The program can simulate the energy use of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a specific climate. After inputting the building information, one can run parametric options to determine which options would save the most energy relative to the local energy costs.

There is a significant amount of detailed information required to set up this simulation, including:

  • Bulding footprint layout and square footages
  • Square footage of walls and windows on each elevation
  • Exterior envelope information, with wall and roof R-value
  • Mechanical system design information per zone
  • Improvements expected such as new windows, additional insulation and energy efficiency upgrades 

If your renovation project is under 10,000 square feet or over $15,000.00, or if there are options you would like compared for value and return on investment, an energy simulation may be appropriate.


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