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American Family Doctor

american family doctor commercial energy retrofit project

commercial energy audit infrared imageIntelligent Energy Solutions Green recently did an energy audit for this 5000 square foot medical facility in Geneva, IL. The methodology used included utilizing an infrared camera and blower door to gather data about the quality of the insulation and the amount of infiltration, especially in the roof areas. Secondly, energy bills were analyzed to understand the energy use relative to the external and internal loads. The end result was a custom Energy Conservation Report which included a Thermal Imaging Report, an analysis of current gas and electrical usage and costs, and an Energy Simulation which broke down what percentage of energy use is consumed by each energy-consuming function, such as heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, etc.

commercial energy audit reportThe report recommended specific areas to increase insulation and repair the holes in the existing insulation. It also recommended HVAC controls that would sense the need for fresh air and bring it in on an "as needed" basis, rather than as a consistent amount.

A side effect of the thermal imaging analysis was the discovery of an overheating electrical junction box in the children's area, which the client was glad to have had discovered before it caused a problem.