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Tax Credits

Tax Credits Extended for Homeowners and Builders

For builders and homeowners who missed out on last years energy-efficient tax credit for upgrades or new construction, 2011 is the year to act..

The federal government recently extended tax credits for energy-efficient homes for both builders and homeowners.

Builders who build energy-efficient homes that are 50% more efficient than the 2004 IECC can receive a $2,000 federal tax credit through Dec. 31, 2011. The tax credit has also been made retro active for any energy efficient homes built during 2010.

Consumers who purchase qualified energy-saving products in 2011, such as windows and furnaces and other heating systems, can still receive some tax credits. The criteria for the 2011 tax credit is 10% of the material cost up to $500.00 for insulation but limits windows to $200.00. Oil and Gas furnaces are also limited to $150.00 and $200.00 and water heater system incentives to $300.00.

If you are weighing the best option for upgrading an existing home or constructing a new, energy-efficient home, now is the time to contact IES.

Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced staff that can help determine what options work best for your situation, and to ensure that you will receive your tax credits in the New Year.

Federal Stimulus Tax Credit

Visit www.energystar.gov for complete information

Local/State Tax Credits

Visit http://dsireusa.org for a list of state tax credits