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Very pleased with promptness and professionalims and recommend this company highly

Frank - Aurora, IL

Tony Botkin of Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES) performed a blower door test and indentified areas of air leakage in the attic and other places. There were various holes or openings at the top of the walls that allowed cold air to leak into the walls behind and in front of the wall insulation bats. This allowed cold air to move down the wall cavities in front of the insulation and make the room colder. IES also found leaks such as a conduit from an outside light to its switch box inside of the house.

IES air sealed the main attic with foam and/or caulk at all penetrations, seams, and joints. Installed 1" foam board at the edge of attic knee wall to extend 1" above ceiling, which will hold the insulation in place over the top plate of the wall. Installed Tyvek at attic walls, sealing all edges and seams. Re-insulate any distributed areas to R-38 with blown in cellulose insulation. IES also accessed a small attic over a sun room that was not accessible through main attic. This attic had to be accessed through a hatch. IES performed the same type of sealing and re-insulation as in the main attic.  IES also performed a second blower door test after the repairs were completed to show the improvements and the reduction in air leakage. The second test showed some areas needing additional sealing and Tony performed that work without hestitation.

Tony provided me with many thermal pictures of the temperature differences caused by the air leaks at various locations in the house. He encouraged me to follow him as he checked walls and took pictures so I could see exactly what the camera showed at each spot. He provided a report explaining the pictures and information. We had four scheduled appointments - 1st review, test, actual work, and re-test. Tony and his crew always arrived at the scheduled time. We really appreciated his promptness at each visit since a lot of contractors do not actually show up exactly when promised. Tony was very helpful in explaining everything involved in the test so we could prioritize any work needed. Tony's co-workers that did the actual sealing work were very polite and professional at all times. They protected all work areas and always cleaned up any insulation that fell from the attic hatches to the carpet or garage floor. We are very pleased with IES's promptness and professionalism and recommend this company highly.