Your house is uncomfortable, 

You have rooms that are cold, drafty, or too hot,

Concerns regarding your indoor air quality,

Indoor moisture or condensation problems,

Your gas and/or electric bills are too high,

Ice-damming on your roof?

Do you know what ice-damming is or that it can tell you that your house has a problem?  Intelligent Energy Solutions Green (IES Green) does and is trained to resolve it.

IES Green is a professional building performance consulting and contracting firm that is dedicated to delivering real solutions to improve the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your home.  You spend a lot of money on your home and you deserve to be comfortable, safe and healthy in it year round.  By applying building science principals, sophisticated testing, multi-stage inspections and energy modeling, IES Green provides a level of coverage and satisfaction offered by few others.

If you call a HVAC contractor, will they be able to diagnosis that your problem is really an insulation problem? Would an insulator have the ability to indentify the problem as a window issue?  How about a window supplier determining that the problem is actually a leaking ductwork issue?

While most contractors can provide a quick fix and temporary relief, they are not looking at your complete house as a complete system and may not be addressing the true cause of your issue. IES Green's experienced, trained and certified staff will pinpoint the real problems and will then offer strategies to cost effectively resolve your house's issues.  We have more than two decades of experience building and servicing energy-efficient homes.

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Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that will instantly improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows, reduce outside noise, increase the comfort of your home, and cost substantially less than window replacements.


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IES Green's staff of trained and experienced professionals is ready to help you realize your goal of having an improved energy-efficient home and a positive contracting experience.