Once you have received IES Green’s Home Audit Report, it will clearly identify each of the energy and comfort issues in your home. Additionally, your audit report will provide a prioritized plan for making the most cost-effective investments to improve your comfort and health while also reducing your energy costs and your home's environmental impact.

IES Green offers the right materials and installation services. We offer a wide range of home improvement products that have been researched to ensure the highest quality standards have been met.

IES Green’s home contracting services are completed by its insured and licensed team members. Our professional crews are experienced at creating a work schedule that meets your needs and will maintain a safe and clean working environment throughout the project. IES Green’s professional installation crews are thoroughly trained, on time, and polite and will not consider a job completed unless is has been done right and you are satisfied with the results.

A follow-up energy audit will be conducted to verify the targeted improvements have been achieved and to ensure the installations have resulted in improved energy efficiency, comfort, and safety.

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Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that will instantly improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows, reduce outside noise, increase the comfort of your home, and cost substantially less than window replacements.


Chris - Geneva, IL

Blow-in cellulose over existing fiberglass bats. Tony was great and worked with my very quick timeframe -- quote to install less than 48 hours apart. He also took the time to come over and inspect the work of his crew once the job was done and before getting paid. He also complimented the... Read More

IES Green's staff of trained and experienced professionals is ready to help you realize your goal of having an improved energy-efficient home and a positive contracting experience.