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Dan - Glen Ellyn, IL

They added insulation, caulking, attic cap, etc. to my house. I was very pleased with the service and knowledge that Intelligent Energy Solutions Green exhibited in evaluating and improving the energy efficiency of my home. Their testing equipment and process was impressive to watch as they pinpointed specific areas of improvement. They also exhibited a remarkable degree of knowledge of the house and its individual components. They were on time, considerate, and willing to work with me on smaller projects.

Chris - Geneva, IL

Blow-in cellulose over existing fiberglass bats. Tony was great and worked with my very quick timeframe -- quote to install less than 48 hours apart. He also took the time to come over and inspect the work of his crew once the job was done and before getting paid. He also complimented the previous work that I had done. He was also a realist about spending the right amount of money on insulation that would yield the correct payback. I would use him again.

Jeffery - Wayne, IL

They installed a door for me. I have used them a few times. They do a good job. I will use them again.

Laura - St. Charles, IL

They were very thorough with how they looked for stuff, and they didn't necessarily recommend the most expensive solutions. He was right on time and very professional.

Sonya - Palantine, IL

Set up an appointment on first call. Tony was professional, friendly, and courteous. Cleaned up thoroughly. They submitted a proposal for work they identified as deficient in their test. The proposal was broken out by project, so I could select specific areas.

Frank - Aurora, IL

Tony Botkin of Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES) performed a blower door test and indentified areas of air leakage in the attic and other places. There were various holes or openings at the top of the walls that allowed cold air to leak into the walls behind and in front of the wall insulation bats. This allowed cold air to move down the wall cavities in front of the insulation and make the room colder. IES also found leaks such as a conduit from an outside light to its switch box inside of the house.

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Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that will instantly improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows, reduce outside noise, increase the comfort of your home, and cost substantially less than window replacements.

IES Green's staff of trained and experienced professionals is ready to help you realize your goal of having an improved energy-efficient home and a positive contracting experience.