You can reduce your home's heating and cooling costs sustantially through proper air sealing and insulation techniques.  Reducing your home heating and cooling bills begins with an IES home energy audit to assess where your home may be losing energy through air leaks.

Common sources of air leaks include attics; plumbing and electrical penetrations; can lights; attic transitions; dropped soffits and access panels; basements; rim and band joist; penetrations for gas, electrical, or cable; old windows; worn out weatherstripping; poorly sealing fireplace dampers... the list can go on and on.

Products used include expandable spray foam, caulking, solid blocking, weatherstripping, chimney balloons, and other creative measures.

An Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES Green) audit will find the source of the leaks and make a detailed recommendation to correct the specific problems.  In most casses our air sealing team will reduce the overall air leakage by 20% to 30% or more, restoring comfort and saving you money on your energy bills.

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Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that will instantly improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows, reduce outside noise, increase the comfort of your home, and cost substantially less than window replacements.


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